The Mission of UUAMP is to develop and support the ministry of membership through professional development and collaboration.
If you’re ready to become a member, fill out our online membership form and you’ll receive confirmation and an invoice via email with options to pay the $50 dues by check or PayPal.  Renewal of membership is due in January of each year.

We have much to offer and support your ministry.  We warmly welcome paid staff members of congregations regional staff as well as non-paid volunteers passionate about membership work to join us.

The benefits of joining UUAMP are many:

  • Educational opportunities such as Book Discussion Groups and Webinars, Best Practices seminars and workshops at Local, Regional, and National conferences.
  • Opportunities for professional growth and renewal at our Professional Day gatherings.
  • Opportunities for interacting with others doing membership work on our UUAMP Facebook Page and email Listserve – sharing both our challenges and triumphs.
  • An updated website full of practical and immediately usable tools and resources.
  • Mentoring Program available for new UUAMP Members.
  • Networking opportunities for all Members by email or phone to problem solve.
  • Fellowship and support from colleagues who share your vision and goals.
  • An opportunity to advocate for the professionalization of the important ministry of membership professionals.
  • Organizational voting rights within UUAMP on issues affecting the future of our faith.
  • Increase your value to your congregation by professional development and from sharing of fresh insights, new perspectives and best practices.

Apply here to join us today

I look forward to meeting you and beginning your journey with UUAMP. If you have any questions, please let me know.

On behalf of the UUAMP Board, welcome!

Corie Jason
President * Unitarian Universalist Association of Membership Professionals
517-351-4081 ext. 106