UUAMP Certification Program

UUAMP Certification Program

The UUAMP Certification Program is….


  • Pertains to the work you are doing.
  • Ability to choose modules that meet your learning needs and goals. For certified status, you must complete a predetermined number of modules.


  • Each unit is designed for completion in 10-15 hours.
  • Efforts are being made to provide the majority of the learning module options at limited or no cost.


  • Variety of formats and options.
  • Available for part-timers and lead volunteers.
  • In-person training opportunities will be coordinated with pre-GA Professional Day or in conjunction with regional events.


Why Certification?

Benefits to the Professional

  • Form and structure for one’s professional development
  • Gain skills and understandings across areas of your work
  • Nurtures confidence, competence, and creativity
  • Opportunities for collegiality and networking
  • Helps membership professionals understand their work as a ministry

 Benefits to the Congregation

  • Provides training and resources unavailable at congregational level
  • Promotes professional excellence
  • Fosters healthy staff relations and shared ministry
  • Supports congregational growth

Benefits to the Profession

  • Establishing standards and best practices elevates the position across the board
  • Parity with religious educators and musicians

Benefits to Unitarian Universalism

  • Membership professionals provide expertise that fosters growth as a movement
  • Professional network shares broadly and generously with staff and lay leaders


The Certification Program is still being finalized and will be released by May of 2017. Check back here for registration information or contact Marie Luna at marie@fvuuf.org to be added to the waiting list.

Learn more here:

Certification FAQs

Program Completion Information

Participant and Advisor Covenant

Registration Form

List of Competencies

Fostering a Culture of Welcome (Core)

  • Membership as Ministry
  • Visitor experience
  • Creating a membership committee or team
  • ARAOMC (Anti-racism, Anti-oppression, Multiculturalism)
  • Accessibility

Building a Community of Belonging (Core)

  • Understanding your congregation (past, present and future)
  • Creating a culture of belonging
  • The membership process
  • Engagement tracking

UU History and Identity (Core)

  • Your Congregation's History
  • Unitarian, Universalist, and UU History
  • Congregational Polity
  • Understanding the process of building UU identity
  • Future Trends

Boundaries (Core)

  • Your Position
  • Right Relations and Professional Ethics
  • Self Care and Time Management
  • Systems and Conflict
  • Staff Relations
  • Accountability and Supervision

Administration & Volunteer Management (Choice)

  • Volunteer management
  • Administration, including Database

Engagement (Choice)

  • Small Group Ministry
  • Program Development
  • Retention

Integration and Leadership (Choice)

  • Leadership Development
  • Meeting Management
  • Understanding the Governance Culture
  • Strategic Planning and Identity

Pastoral Care (Choice)

  • Expectations of and communication with minister
  • Volunteer pastoral care team
  • Mental Health awareness

Communications and Social Media (Choice)

  • Congregational communication vehicles - print and web
  • Social media

Stewardship (Choice)

  • Stewardship as ministry
  • Understanding your congregation's stewardship culture
  • Stewardship data tracking
  • Membership experience